Distribution Services

Mitchell Organization Ltd., has leading supply chain professionals and provides a solution oriented approach to the movement, storage and control of materials, products and information to sell your products competitively any where in the world.

You will find we provide detailed information about the how you can distribute your products or get products or become an agent to distribute products. We also supply technical support where needed, match pricing of your products to market regions, and will provide detail product information for you, through are experience research team.

We will deal directly with the client or provide a locate experience distributor and we can tell you that if you choose a be either an agent associated with Mitchell Organization Ltd., or to allow us to distribute your products, you will be getting the best combination of price and value available. You should never have to pay more than the going market rate nor charge too little to make a fair profit. So no matter if your buying or selling, talk to us and perhaps we can do business together.

Mitchell Organization Ltd., is in contact with many western firms with innovative technologies and products that are not known to many areas of the world. We specialize in the latest technologies and the hard to find solutions. You will be astounded by the tremendous data base we have build to help companies distribute their products in remote locations and ensure clients get what they need and when they need it. There are new products and clients we are adding every month, so come back often, so we can help you distribute products to clients or help you locate the products you need through commercially acceptable contracts. If you looking for discounted prices for products or you wish to sell your products in locations in the world you not currently in, contact us and see the difference our service can provide.

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