Geological Management Services

Mitchell Organization Ltd., geologists have experience in all phases of exploration, exploitation, and reservoir geology. We conduct local and regional geological studies, world wide, to evaluate pools, trends, and basins for recovery of oil and gas.

Our interpretations of oil and gas pools incorporate all relevant geophysical, geological, petrophysical, and engineering information. We determine reservoir parameters from analysis of well logs, cores, drillstem tests, and well completion information. In addition to our study can be applied to potential secondary and tertiary recovery applications.

Mitchell Organization Ltd.'s geological team provides services for clients who are involved in the exploration for oil and gas. We can provide assistance in exploration prospect generation or evaluation, for areas ranging from small land parcels to entire basins or concession blocks. We can offer expert opinions and advice with regard to land sale prices as well as the merits of large scale exploration programs in new areas, and we can plan and direct complete exploration and development programs, including geophysical surveys and drilling operations.

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