Reservoir Management Services

Mitchell Organization Ltd., has qualified petroleum engineers and technologists to provide expertise in oil and gas exploration and development, as well as production and transportation, and have extensive experience with the challenges and problems inherent in operations in remote locations.

Mitchell Organization Ltd., evaluate oil, natural gas, and gas by-products reserves by forecasting production and product prices, as well as capital and operating expenses. Economic evaluations are prepare using Mitchell Organization Ltd.'s own computer software and commercially accepted software using standards set out by the World Petroleum Congress and Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Mitchell Organization Ltd.'s engineers assist clients in optimizing recovery and maximizing profitability, through detailed analyses of primary depletion mechanisms and enhanced recovery opportunities for oil fields, and deliverability and cycling studies for gas fields.

Our professionals are experienced in the preparation of submissions to various regulatory and other government agencies. Other services we can provide include risk assessment, basin, play and prospect analysis, securities submissions and annual corporate reports, estate settlements, establishing Finite Market Values, and studies of resource potential.

These unique services include, the following:

  • Investment Management Recommendation
  • Lending and financing decisions for a balanced long term and short term debt
  • Project decision-tree analysis
  • Classification of energy assets for mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and Joint Ventures
  • Project Management for all levels and phases of projects
  • Supervision of field operations
  • Interim management of specified oil and gas assets

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